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IS CON: Uncovering The Operations Of A Typical ISKCON Temple


Now I’ve been putting off this article for several months, partly because it’s a typical ISKCON story – nothing new for me.

But I wanted to share this story, because it gives outsiders an indepth vision of how an ISKCON temple operates.


Recently ISKCON New Vrindaban located in Marshall County, WV USA witnessed the suicide of an Indian bodied priest name Venkatachalapati Das (Sreedhar Kommanamanchi) under mysterious circumstances. The temple management has been trying to portray the death as accidental and trying to hide the circumstances & facts under which he committed his suicide.

Background: ISKCON New Vrindaban, a (ISKCON) Hindu temple located in Moundsville West Virginia is one of the biggest temples in North America. This temple is visited by almost 40,000 visitors a year. Since most of the visitors are of Indian origin, the temple hires priests from India to cater to the religious needs of the congregation and raise funds from them. This has been going on for the past 20+ years or so.

However, it has been noticed that these priests numbering to 100+ in numbers are victims of racial abuse by the temple management and they are forced to leave the temple after some time if they develop too much popularity among the congregation. Over the years many priests have been forced to leave and everything was taken away from them. They have been publicly shamed, harassed, threatened and even falsely reported to USCIS to deport them back to their country of origin. This trend is started and followed under the management of Jaya Krsna Das (Josef Imseng) who runs the temple as corporate business.

One young priest named Venkatachalapati Das (Sreedhar Kommanamachi) was targeted by Jaya Krsna das and his wife Anuradha Dasi. Venkatachalapati das being very naive and unable to bear the humiliation, threat & several atrocities committed suicide.

Unanswered Questions and trying to cover up:
1. The first communication from the temple management was that it’s an accident. “There was a deity of Narasimha found with him under the boat and a garland of Narasimha which he was wearing was found floating on the water.” clearly indicates it is not but still management tried to cover it up.

2. Time of the incident never got revealed, ie. who met venkat last who talked to him. Where were his belonging no details !

3. The focus of the temple management and board rotates with a goal to protect the temple management.

4. Second communication came from the temple, he left a Note of suicide.

5. Again focus shifted to show a rosy image of the suicide. They mention Venkat loves cleaning the lake though he doesn’t know to swim and he is not assigned to this work, shows management negligence for letting someone do what he is not qualified for? Mentioning Venkat has no issues with management, wife, life, or anything. Then why did he committed suicide? More coverup continues hereon from the authorities.

6. Now once people started questions on the FB post, temple authorities first deleted comments, and now the post is removed. Trying to shut voices.

Overall in this whole fiasco Venkat lost his life. He was one beloved son of old and poor parents from Vizag, India, a loving husband, an unbiased friend, the sweetest person who greets everyone who comes to the temple to visit, a priest who had enormous faith in Lord Shri Radha Vrindavan chandra and Lord Narsimha and a guy who touched so many lives.


We have compiled a rebuttal to Anuttama Dasa’s email sent to the New Vrindaban Congregation & Donors.

Objective of the e-mail: The whole objective of this email is to demonize Venkat, project him as a weak individual who committed suicide despite being given all the support by GBC (which apparently is NOT the truth)

Objective 2 : Glorify Jaya Krsna Das as a great saint and a savior of New Vrindaban. The repeated theme seems to be “Jaya Krsna Das” is some kind of saintly angel.

The failed Plot: Since Jaya Krsna Das, Anuradha Dasi, Gopisa Das and Malati Devi Dasi mentally and emotionally tortured and forced Venkat to commit suicide, Anuttama is doing a wonderful coverup job. Well Done Anuttama. Kudos for failed coverup job…the Yamadutas are awaiting at doorsteps of Hell to take care of you !

Anuttama’s is just a puppet for Anuradha and Jaya Krsna Das. (who wants to save his New Vrindaban presidentship throne to rule over all temples in North America with his psychotic wife).

Here are some Hard Hitting points: (Original letter by Mr. Tamma is below)

The biggest loophole in this email is that “Why was the public misinformed that Venakata drowned when in-fact he committed suicide? “ — Why was the suicide angle not even looked into or ignored when the first reports came out to mislead the public? when so much is being revealed in Anuttama’s letter. If New Vrindaban Management was telling the whole truth then why did Anuradha Dasi – the admin of New Vrinaban delete comments from the New Vrindaban facebook page. This is where the mystery thickens, and a series of half truths and cover up is rolled out to the public like this letter by Anuttama Das.

Anuttama’s Point 1: The main point of the letter is “We found his suicide note and it glorifies “Jaya Krsna”…

Counterpoint 1 : If Venkat had so much faith in Jaya Krsna then why would he ever commit suicide in such a brutal manner ? .. The point is that he had “Lost Complete faith” in Jaya Krsna & the management of New Vrindaban. Venkat knew Jaya Krsna was out to get him (like he did to many many devotees in New Vrindaban), brutally kicked him out of New Vrindaban Community. The details of the meeting that took place where Venkat was time and again humiliated by Anuradha, jaya Krsna, Malati and Gopish are hidden in this email. The headof department in New Vrindaban temple were told clearly that Venkat was removed from his position, temple and even the community.

Anuttama’s Point 2 : Malati connected with lawyer, He was reported to the police, and then counseling was arranged with Sukhavaha.

Counterpoint 2: If Malati had already spoken and tried counseling Venkat then why did he commit suicide? That means he was NOT counseled, he was threatened. Also there is a lady appointed by the temple management to take care of the devotees as devotee care in-charge but she was not informed about this incident at all. She called Jay Krishna’s bluff at the meeting. Sukhavaha dasi is another stooge in hands of these people and thus she is brought in the letter as saving grace. She herself needs more counseling than anyone else.

Conclusion : The whole point that he was counseled seems to be a whitewash to hide the fact that Anuradha and Jaya Krsna simply threatened & mentally tortured Venkat with dire consequences if he did not leave New Vrindaban. If there was real counseling then he wouldn’t commit suicide.

Anuttamas Point 3 : ISKCON takes child protection and abuse seriously .

Counterpoint 3 : This point is to hide the fact that there has been selective reporting of the cases. Ever since Anuradha has “married” Jaya Krsna and become the defacto president (controlling Jaya Krsna from behind) of New Vrindaban there has been selective reporting of cases. EG: There was a cook by name Brihat Kirtan and he had an sexual affair with Prema Rani (right in the temples women’s ashram), but Brihat just surrendered to Anuradha and he was protected. No reporting was done. There was another South African devotee named Jamuna Jivan and he had sexually harassed another girl Nataliya and the temple kicked out the girl without any fault and protected pervert Jamuna Jivan until the girl filed case against them. Similarly there were many such sexual abuses which were suppressed. However Venkat was on the Anuradha’s radar to be kicked out as he was famous (more than Jaya Krishna, that was his fault) and knew a lot about financial misappropriation of funds as Venkat’s wife worked as the chief accountant. So he was reported. New Vrindaban’s employee Shyamarasika informed some congregation members that Jaya Krishna could have easily handled the issue and saved, however both Jaya Krsna and his wife chose to escalate the issue and pressured Venkat so much that he was pushed to suicide. Shyamrasika’s husband Nikunjras Das is another stooge of Jaykrishna who was promoted as head of pilgrim department / money making department of New Vrindaban.

Anuttamas Point 4 : Venkata was informed that his services would be restricted.

Counterpoint point 4: New Vrindaban’s own HR has confirmed (our sources inform) that Venkat was terminated from his services and asked to leave New Vrindaban leaving his wife behind. He was even forced to write the letter saying that he “wanted jaya Krsna to take care of his wife”. Some New Vrindaban employees (our sources) contacted some congregation members that they were trying to find Venkat a new job. (Why were they trying to find a new job if he was not FIRED?). The management conveniently forgot that the word was already out. The employees are scared and feel threatened to speak out because they have been warned of dire consequences that their green cards would be taken away and they will be deported back to their country if they spoken against the temple management.

Anuttama’s Point 5 : Jaya Krsna went to Venkat’s apartment to bring him to the counseling session.

Counterpoint 5: New Vrindaban employees (close to Venkat) called several congregation members to inform that Venkat did not have a job or a place to sleep. He spent several nights at the Palace of Gold. He was being kicked out every night by his “ruthless” wife. His wife who also wanted to get rid of him after her “green card” and a failed marriage colluded with Anuradha and Malati to frustrate Venkat to the core. Venkat used to sleep at the palace or any other place for the past one week. Jaya Krsna knew this very well and encouraged Venkat’s wife (Laura) Madhava Kanti to kick him out of the house so that he can be eventually thrown out of New Vrindaban. The managements plan was to humiliate him and kick him out so that he finds no support with the people among whom he was very famous, however he committed suicide putting their plans in jeopardy. Jaya Krsna had no plan for plan B. Usually when Jaya Krsna and Anuradha kick out someone threatening them they have a plan of mass mailing and misinforming people, humiliating and torturing them. Venkat knew this so he committed suicide when he saw his wife and Jaya Krsna both colluded to betray him. Venkat Felt Cheated !

Anuttama’s Point 6: Venkat’s final rites were handled by Jaya Krsna Das

Counterpoint 6: After doing what they did to him only a heartless and ruthless individual can do what Jaya Krsna das and Anuradha conspired to do. A whole show was put up just to evoke false emotions about Jaya Krsna and wash away what they did. If they ever cared for him they would have not pushed him to commit suicide. If Venkat ever had faith in either Jaya Krsna, Anuradha or even his wife he would not have committed suicide. This just highlights the fact that Jaya Krishna, Anuradha and Venkat’s wife had all colluded to push him to the core – the point of suicide.

Anuttama’s Point 7: There was police report filed and suicide note found

Counterpoint 7: This police report was never mentioned in any of the previous posts. Only a rosy picture was presented to show how much he loved only “jaya Krsna” so much so that he committed suicide. We demand that this report and the suicide note be made public. Why was the public not informed of the police report in any of the previous posts ????

Another big story hidden from the public is that the girl and the parents who e-mailed New Vrindaban about the so called sexual complaint were present at Venkat’s funeral. Several employees and people who knew the family and the background of the whole story were shocked to see them at the funeral. The BIG question is that why were they present at the funeral if they were the same people who complained about Venkat?

Conclusion : The earlier emails of New Vrindaban informed that Venkat loved his wife and Jaya Krishna, which is a colossal lie. If he really loved then why did he ever commit suicide. Why would a wife ever tell in public that my husband had personal problems and he could not hold himself anymore. There are so many inconsistencies in this story simply because the objective is to protect Jaya Krsna and Anuradha.

What is being hidden a colossal failure of Jaya Krsna to bring any spiritual energy into New Vrindaban Community to inspire devotees and the congregation. He ended up running a spiritual community into a business empire. Colluding with Anuradha – who specializes in invoking dark energies and practicing voodoo & black magic even-after being initiated into Krishna Consciousness and Gopish Das – a conman who cheated and continues to cheat New Vrindaban on various occasions by spending Indian donor’s hard earned money to threaten employees with deportation etc and treat them cheaply and throw them out on road conveniently. Since Jay Krishna has taken over New Vrindaban, he has kicked-out or thrown out more than 100+ devotees who were mainly from Indian origin. They were successful so far because no one committed suicide however this time their plan backfired.

Anuradha and Jaya Krsna’s plan is always to humiliate devotees and then use their supporters among the ISKCON New Vrindaban board and some New Vrindaban residents to rant against those devotee employees, malign their character and simply deflect everyone’s attention from their colossal spiritual failures which is evident in this whole suicide episode and the pathetic way it continues to be handled and gets covered-up.

Anuttama’s Official Statement

Dear Devotees and Friends of New Vrindaban,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

On Friday, June 19, many devotees attended the memorial service for Venkatachalapati prabhu, a beloved member of the New Vrindaban community. As GBC representative for New Vrindaban, I would like to officially report the latest information regarding the events leading up to his death.

Although an earlier report speculated that his death was an accident, several things have made it clear that Venkata took his life by drowning. One is that he was found holding his personal deity of Lord Nrsimhadeva. Another is that a handwritten suicide note was later found in his office. Finally, we learned that Venkata had personally pre-arranged a sraddha ceremony (puja for a departed soul) to be offered in Vrindavan, India, in his legal name on the day he drowned.

We also have some indication of why he may have committed this grave act. Approximately one week before his passing, ISKCON New Vrindaban received an email from a family that Venkata had been cultivating alleging that Venkata had had an inappropriate exchange with their daughter, a teenage girl, over the phone. The family was concerned and wanted to bring the problem to the attention of the New Vrindaban authorities, primarily so that Venkata could be helped.

That email was reported to Jaya Krsna das, the temple president. He asked Malati dasi (ACBSP)—who has been trained by the ISKCON Child Protection Office—to interview Venkata personally, and the mother of the girl on the phone.

As an organization, ISKCON takes child protection very seriously. Thus, upon receiving Malati’s preliminary report, Jaya Krsna informed the New Vrindaban internal legal committee and the ISKCON North American Child Protection Office (CPO). Malati also contacted Radha dasi, a Family Law attorney, who confirmed that the incident met the criteria for mandatory reporting. Thus, as ordained by law, the case was reported to West Virginia authorities.
Per mandatory CPO protocol, Venkata was informed that for the duration of any investigation, he would be restricted from services that bring him into contact with minors. He was not permanently removed from any of his services. Jaya Krsna then arranged for Venkata to meet with Sukhavaha dasi, who serves in devotee care and counsels devotees in the community. The first session was to happen on Tuesday morning.

However, on Tuesday, when Jaya Krsna went to Venkata’s apartment to bring him to counseling, he was told by Madhava Kanti dasi, Venkata’s wife, that he was not home. She thought he was at the temple. Fearing something was wrong, Jaya Krsna called other devotees to help and they began searching for Venkata. Malati assisted Madhava Kanti in calling the police to file a missing person report.

After an extensive search, some of Venkata’s personal articles were found by the swan boat house. In the late afternoon, with the help of the sheriff’s department, his body was retrieved from the water.

The weekend after the death, Rambhoru devi dasi, a respected Srila Prabhupada disciple and trained Pastoral Chaplain and grievance counselor, visited New Vrindaban. During her two-day visit she met with many devotees, including Madhava Kanti and devotees in the department who served with Venkata. Rambhoru also met for over three hours with forty community members that Sunday evening, where she led a group discussion about grief. Devotees shared their sense of loss, pain, and shock at Venkata’s death.

Although we will never know the exact thoughts or circumstances that led to Venkata’s death, during these meetings, and from the note that he left, it has become clear that Venkata struggled with serious personal issues. Sadly, on the very morning he was to get additional help from trained counselors he ended his life.

During the memorial service, under the direction of several ISKCON priests, Jaya Krsna performed the functions of Venkata’s father. Devotees were able to view the body, perform kirtan, offer flowers and Tulsi twigs in respect, and then share their memories of Venkata for more than two hours. Afterwards, a smaller number were present and performed kirtan while the crematorium fire was lit.

I am aware that many devotees and friends of New Vrindaban, both local and global, have struggled to make sense of Venkata’s passing. Some social media posts have speculated in false and hurtful ways, perhaps the result of the authors’ own grief. Therefore, I’ll end by clarifying some important points:
There was no foul play in the death of Venkata; he took his own life.

The devotees who served with Venkata, as well as his wife, confirmed that he had a
friendly and close working relationship with his Temple President, Jaya Krsna das.
When the above-mentioned allegation surfaced, New Vrindaban authorities followed
the required child protection protocols, while also reaching out to help Venkata.
Some questioned whether the memorial service should have been performed
differently. I consulted with the International Child Protection Director who advised that the memorial should continue as planned. While an allegation had been brought
forward, a CPO investigation had not commenced. Thus, it would be wrong to not allow devotees to honor Venkata as they chose to remember him.

The New Vrindaban community continues to grapple with the pain of Venkata’s passing. Although we know the soul is eternal, death can still be a bitter experience. We are also reminded that many devotees struggle with personal issues and are aware that we must accelerate our shared efforts to provide support and understanding.

Please continue to pray for Venkata prabhu and his surviving family members. I thank you for your prayers, and for your concern for the wellbeing of all the residents, extended members, guests and friends of ISKCON New Vrindaban.Your servant,
Anuttama dasa
Governing Body Commissioner (GBC) ISKCON New Vrindaban


Dear Friends,

The more we are probing and researching, more about Jaya Krsna Das and Anuradha Dasi’s involvement in the abetted suicide of Venkat and more shocking revelations are coming forth.

Both Jaya Krsna Das (Josef Imseng) and Anuradha Dasi (Aarthi Shivanand aka Aarti Imseng) are known to be involved in multiple suicide, sexual abuse and power trip cover ups. Anuradha Dasi has had three divorces in the past. According to one of the comments on the social media, Anuradha also has a attempted murder case against her in her hometown of South Africa. Many devotees know about her dark past in South Africa because of which she had to leave the country with help of her brother who is a GBC general secretary in South Africa who sent her to America for new life. She is known for her ruthless, authoritarian and being control freak. She is highly racist and has been treating Indians (devotees) like slaves and westerners like some demi -gods, just check out her Facebook profile “Anuradha Dasi” for proof. Similarly Jaya Krsna Das’s life is also another maze which us hidden from the public. His wife and son have committed suicide because of his ruthless behavior and indulgence in voodoo and black magic. He has continued a practice called “Constellations” in New Vrindaban which is more like sorcery and trying to eliminate devotees with that practice. I wonder that GBC body ever conducted background check into these people.

How Jaya Krsna, Anuradha and Gopisa Operate:

Their modus operandi is like this. Whenever someone indulges in some mistake Jay Krsna and Anuradha try to catch a vulnerable person to trap the person. In the first instance there was a head pujari in New Vrindaban called Abhinanda Das who is from Mauritius. Anuradha befriended all the Mexican female pujaris in the temple and asked one women to give disgusting statements against Abhinanda that how he had molested her and even without any police complaint or proper investigation using Gopisa’s so called influence as a front mask trapped Abhinanada Das in a Kangaroo court. Abhinanada was forced to leave in such a way that he could not come back to New Vrindaban, his only mistake was he did not bow down to Anuradha’s control and paid dearly. Abhinanda was traumatized, shattered and didn’t know what to do next in his life. The woman who was used to make these allegations against Abhinanda was made Head pujari of New Vrindaban and after sometime she left New Vrindaban and sued Jaya Krsna Das for mismanaging the department and harassing her.

Jaya Krsna Das is presently facing another court case by one Rahul Kumar Chavda who is an ex-employee of New Vrindaban. Rahul used to be a blue eyed boy of JK & Anuradha until they had fallout and disagreement on some issue. In that case Rahul has stated that New Vrindaban brings religious workers (on R-1 Visa) from India and simply uses them to raise funds or do business, literally abusing the visa norms. Religious visas are issued to individuals to do religious work in the organization. If they (R-1 workers) do not raise money they are tortured, humiliated and just thrown away like toilet paper. Mr. Rahul has presented all credit card details and business transactions to show that Jaya Krsna is only using the temple and the religious workers as a business. Rahul also complains that Jay Krishna & the gang pressurized his pregnant wife who was on R-2 visa to do some work in the name of temple service as mandatory requirement. R-2 workers are dependent of R-1 visa and they are not required by law to do any religious service or any work for the organization if they are pregnant. Rahul has further alleged that Anuradha and Jaya Krsna don’t mind if any of their friends like Gopisa, Brihat, Jamuna Jivan abuse women and power, however if anyone else commits a mistake they will have pay for it with their life like many other religious workers did.

Another classic example is of Mangala Devi Dasi who was from Mauritius. Mangala came to USA as a religious worker and worked tirelessly doing service of the Lord. New Vrindaban applied for her greencard and soon she had fallout with JK & Anuradha where JK asked her to move out of New Vrindaban and seek employment in different temple. Mangala moved to Washington DC temple and served there. Mangala’s greencard was also on completion stage and thus she requested JK & gang to not end her greencard sponsorship and she was assured that since she has done so much service, they will not tamper with her greencard. Surprisingly, Mangala got a deportation notice from USCIS that gave her only few days to leave the country. Mangala left the USA after so many years of service in these temple away from her home country. Later it was found that JK & Anuradha had asked Gabriela (Madri Dasi) who was in charge of Human Resources Dept to report Mangala to USCIS as she didnt obey the authorities and she should be deported. By the way this same Madri Dasi came to USA on Religious worker program and held positions other than pujari / priest which is totally against the religious visa program. Madri continues to enjoy and head several departments of New Vrindaban till date.

There are further allegations that all the major Hindu festivals like Janmastami are used and abused only to raise money for these peoples big fat salary, coverups and court case and not for any kind of Bhakti. With this business mood, racism, nepotism, black magic and favoritism and with further support from null and void GBC like Anuttama this place New Vrindaban has become a pure business under Jaya Krsna Das.

Lack of Purity, The swan boat festival:

Here is one example, All of you must have participated in the swan boat festival. For the last few years this swan boat is run by a person named John, This same John is known to be a drug abuser and a drunkard who has no interest in Krishna consciousness. He drives the boat after a few puffs of smoke and probably a shot of Vodka to better steer the boat. Basically the boat on which the Lord rides is really dirty and contaminated is run by another person who has no interest in Krishna for an eye wash to have money, not to please Krishna. The swan boat continues in the same lake where Venkat committed suicide and they have no shame or remorse and for them the show must go on to get them moolah (money) from the Indian people.

When you see all this you can yourself judge the level of degradation in New Vrindaban.

Now coming back to Venkat’s case, Look at all the above and understand whole case.

Venkat had a bad marriage with (Laura) Madhava Kanti. Madhava Kanti had 2 earlier marriages in Mexico and married Venkat after trapping him only for her convenience to get greencard easily. Venkat got his green card in April. Since then Madhava Kanti wanted to end her marriage and live in New Vrindaban as an employee with her sister and family. Madhavakanti’s sister husband is another criminal who is illegal and doing the work for New Vrindaban under table. New Vrindaban talk big about child abuse and women safety but they failed to do background check on him. This man is roaming freely among women and children and is known to be a short tempered, raged and angry all time. Madhava Kanti didn’t care about Venkat or his parents and just wanted to live with her extended family. On the other-hand Jaya Krsna and Anuradha were getting nervous with Venkats name fame and popularity. Sadist as she is Anuradha heard some complaint about Venkat which was not even proven.

The plot to eliminate Venkat:

As part of the plot, First Anuradha made sure Madhava Kanti is firmly in her side, then both started bullying Venkat. There were some rumors about his involvement with another girl. Using this Cue an email was received by New Vrindaban’s public email address to complain about Venkat. The first suspicion here is how can a parent complain about his daughter in a public email which could possibly accessed by many in the department.

This email was used to trap Venkat. He was asked to leave the temple and banished from the community immediately…this is further confirmed by an circulation text message among the community members that the human resources in-charge confirmed that Venkat was fired and asked to leave the community.

The critical point Jaya Krsna and Anuradha are hiding: The very fact that even before any proper investigation they fired Venkat from his job, (They used Anuttama to write a big lie saying that he (Venkat) was not fired) is the fact they are trying to hide. As time needed we are attaching the SMS text screenshot which is to validate the very point that Venkat was fired. See the text screenshot here:


If this fact is uncovered then the temple board, Jaya Krsna Das, Anuradha, Gopisa Das and Malati Dasi who heavy highhandedly played to the tunes of Anuradha to remove Venkat just like they removed Abhinanda Das with a kangaroo court in 2016, then Jaya Krsna das is guilty of abetted suicide. They are damn scared that if donors of New Vrindaban come to know this they will stop donating to the temple.

They were planning to remove Venkat defame him and destroy his reputation, which is their ultimate modus operandi. Venkat’s wife acted as an pawn or instrument for Anuradha in this whole episode, countless people questioned the Facebook posts of Madhava Kanti (Venkat’s wife) as to who is writing these posts and counter petition when she does not even know properly to speak English. We open challenge Madhavakanti to come live on camera and debate on a given topic in English to prove if she knows English properly. As posted on the Gofundme campaign’s page, Venkat’s face had bleeding / bruising marks showing there was some violent exchange between him and his wife and one other person. ALL THESE FACTS ARE BEING HIDDEN.. which will clearly show how it abets suicide.

The only point which the GBC is using to shield Jaya Krsna Das and Anuradha (who controls the GBC and Jaya Krsna Das like a puppet) is that he brings in money which is ultimately given by Indian people thinking its a place of pilgrimage. They threaten all the fund raising department employees with deportation and removal of green cards if they do not raise money. Both Shyamarasika Dasi and Nikunja Ras das who heads the department have been telling the congregation that they hate this job and they are under so much pressure, however both simply comply to Anuradha’s dictation out of fear. Srirupa das who works in the same department is another person who is witness to many incidents and interactions and probably the last person to meet Venkat before Venkat killed himself, is scared to open his mouth as he fears that JK & gang with get him deported like others in the past.

Why is GBC using money as a criteria to protect Jaya Krsna Das? Is Vaishnava’s life not of any value. It simply shows its not a temple, just another mundane business and Venkat was a victim of this money laundering cartel. Under extreme pressure from all quarters from both temple and wife Venkat committed suicide to save his honor which Jaya Krsna Das and Anuradha Dasi were going to destroy in coming days.

Jaya Krsna and Anuradha thought Venkat will run away out of fear like many others did, but he committed suicide. It is here where they slipped and made one mistake after the other, firstly by calling the death an accidental drowning, then some kind of passing away etc and even put up a show of his last rites to gain public sympathy. However none of this will work as people already know the truth. Lord is watching all this drama unfold in New Vrindaban.

Let us take a vow to teach these people a lesson. Do not Donate your hard earned money to this hopeless people and encourage them with this fake fund raising to fill up their pockets. Defund New Vrindaban today so that no more Venkats are forced to commit suicide to satisfy Jaya Krsna and Anuradha’s blood thirsty lust for power and money.


Dear Friends,

It breaks our heart to see what Jaya Krsna Das, Anuradha Dasi, Gopisa Dasa, Anuttama Dasa – the GBC and New Vrindaban Board are doing now to completely whitewash Venkatachalapatis death.

1. Spreading more and more lies about Venkat to show themselves holy

Firstly they are going around the community and donors saying that Venkat deserved to die because of what he did without providing any proof and posting a bunch of lies on New Vrindaban Facebook about his death. They are ready to do anything as long as they can hide the truth and keep the money flowing from the Indian donors coming that too in the false names of the cow. The poor cows never end up getting the care and facility for which they ask the money for.

Jaya krsna Das conveniently forgot that he married a cunning and voodoo practitioner lady at the age of 65 and ruthlessly hanging on to power with the assistance of his new found cunning wife Anuradha Dasi who likes playing with devotees life and Venkata Chalapati who happened to be their latest victim of about 100 devotees that left New Vrindaban and whose lives were ruined under Jaya Krsnas leadership. This mystery was revealed after we got hold of a letter from Gaura Shakti das ACBSP who compiled this list of the devotees that left New Vrindaban and complained it to the GBC. The hopeless GBCs Anuttama and Tamohar just ignored it in the past and today because of that Venakata Chalapati is dead. The GBC who is the highest authority in ISKCON has gone awry and going to all lengths to cover this death up.

2. Fake resignation drama coming up.

Secondly under pressure from the donors and the New Vrindaban Village association Jaya Krsna Das, Anuradha, Gopisa and Anuttama are throwing a new spin to the whole tale. They are trying a tried and tested formula of “Fake Resignation” and gaining sympathy votes. Yesterday there was an ad put out by the temple management for a new President of New Vrindaban. This was not posted by the so-called GBC of New Vrindaban on any official communication channels but they used a devotee named Justin Polsinelli to announce it on New Vrindaban Village Connect. Upon accessing the post by some of our friends in New Vrindaban we were shocked to read some comments that community members wrote there. One of the comments by a devotee named Tattvadarsana Dasa asked “We’ve missed the most IMPORTANT question. Who are the selectors in deciding who the President will be?” Tattvadarsadana Das further writes that ” …. should be a community decision ” Another devotee Devala Das writes “Srila Prabhupad wrote in his “Direction of management” This: Temple presidents are to be elected by the congregations of the individual temples and the GBC would have practically no AUTHORITY over the individual temples. What are we missing? These are Srila Prabhupads words on the topic”.

Let’s make it easy for our readers to know who really are the selectors of this New President scheme. The selectors are Mr. Anuttama Das – the GBC, Jay Krishna Das – the current tainted temple president and Dayavira Das – one of the ISKCON New Vrindaban board members who is a namesake board member. The 2 selectors are the people who hardly come to New Vrindaban twice or thrice in 6 months to just attend meetings and enjoy vacation and location of New Vrindaban and the third member is our own outgoing president Mr. Jaya Krishna Das who is accused of all the mess. Can you all imagine that this same Jay Krishna das is accused of being racist, mismanaging and responsible for all the mess happening right now in New Vrindaban and yet he is the one who gets to decide who will be the next temple president. Gimme a break. Sounds really fishy ! Is the community even consulted? Why not give the community members a chance to choose their own president. Its loud and clear message to the community members that they (management) don’t care for their (community) views and they will do whatever they want as long as they are in power.

The New Vrindaban management wants to show that Jay Krsna Das has resigned (no proof of resignation posted anywhere) and a new person will take over soon. This is however a trick which has been used before. In July 2018 Jaya Krsna Das had so called resigned. Little did anyone know that this plot was masterminded by Anuradha Dasi, who is the queen of deception and lies. The whole plan was to install new people and make sure that they fail, although they did well. This plot was revealed by Jaya Rama Dasa (Josef Lauber) who happens to be a cousin of Jaya Krsna Dasa. He was selected as one of the directors when Jaya Krsna so called resigned. After he joined as one of the directors along with Chitranga Chaitanya Das & Maha Sundar Das, Jaya Rama revealed that it was a set up by Gopisa, Jay Krsna and Anuradha. Anuradha Dasi is drawing a huge salary in the name of controlling multiple departments. Also there is a lady called Madri Dasi who is their stooge. Madri created a panic among the devotees by imposing many painful rules which were at the behest of Anuradha Dasi . These rules made devotees’ lives miserable and the board taking advantage of this artificially induced unhappiness had a kangaroo board meeting and ordered the removal of the trio Chitranga Chaitanya Das, Mahasundar and Jaya Rama Dasa who were in fact working very hard and complying with the board. Their lives were devastated. Jaya Rama Dasa in his meeting with the NV village association revealed all these details and also mentioned that he was shocked that his own cousin Jaya Krsna Das had plotted against him. He also said that Anuradha Dasi is very cruel and can destroy anyone’s life for power. Jay Rama das abandoned and betrayed by his own brother, left New Vrindaban for good and might never return back to the community because of the atrocities of the divine couple.

The conclusion

So here the plot is clear, To fake a resignation of Jaya Krsna Das and then search for a new president. After sometime they can say we never found one or even if they find one to “Fail” them ruthlessly and still have Jaya Krsna Das come back as president some time later as they did a year ago. Their plan is also if possible to have a dummy / puppet president who will simply obey Jaya Krsna and Anuradha. Meanwhile Anuradha who is in the management will hold the fort and control the bureaucracy with the help of Lakshman Poddar (Lakshamanishwara das) – another conman from Bangladesh who came to New Vrindaban on a fake Indian passport. He is literally bootlicking both Jaya Krsna and Anuradha to get their favours as his green card is pending for the past few years. Lakshman’s main job is to spy on devotees in the temple and report them to Anuradha & Jay Krishna for action against them.

So how does all this affect Venkat case:

The whole goal in this game is money. It all starts with Money and ends with money. Very soon Janmastami is coming up and Jaya Krsna knows that the rich Indian donors will ask hard questions about Jaya Krsna and his involvement in the whole episode. In order to ease the situation so that donations continue to flow in, Anuradha Dasi is training the fund raisers namely Nikunja ras, Shyamarasiaka Dasi, Srirupa Das, Amita Das and Subhananda Das to say that Jaya Krsna is resigning, so please give us “Money” for Janamstami and once Janmastami is over they will work around with a dummy / puppet president or reinstall Jaya Krsna back again. In any case Anuradha Dasi and Jaya Krsna Das are the main controllers of who becomes the next president.

Can you all imagine folks both Jaya Krsna Das who forced his own wife and kid to commit suicide and Anuradha Dasi who divorced 3 husbanded and attempted to murder another lover of hers, a rather lethal and ruthless combination of minds, what good will they do to anyone. They will go any extent to play this game and fool the public. The New Vrindaban community continues and will continue to suffer more and more.

Therefore we are alerting you all here. Let’s be alert and “Defund” New Vrindaban until Jaya Krsna, Gopisa, Anuttama, Anuradha dasi are made to resign from all the posts and should not have any power or decision making authority in ISKCON and these people publicly tender apology for the death and cover up of Venakatachalapati. Jaya krsna Das and Anuradha Dasi in fact should be tried for culpable homicide.


Anuradha Dasi, real name Aaarthi Shivanand has played a central and pivotal role in threatening, abusing and covering all the abuses of the devotees in New Vrindaban. She is known to do this to devotees now and even in her horrible past too. In Venkat’s case she became very envious of Venkat as he was getting more popular. Now to distract peoples attention, now she is using the GBC SPT channel to re-image herself on the outside and the ISKCON GBC, Anuttama has given her a free hand to abuse this GBC SPT channel to promote and cover herself.

To cover up her ruthless face she is using her guru Giriraj Swami as a cover. Recently she conducted a live session on GBC SPT Facebook page with Giriraj Swami. Guess what the topic was? “How to keep the devotees together and closer to Krishna?” Really? Is this how you keep devotees together by putting a person in question in suicide of a devotee to conduct a live facebook event and that to discuss devotee relationship?

She loves to control from behind, and plays a lead role in all communication of Giriraja Swami as she is doing it for New Vrindaban and every communication is all about Jaya Krsna Das’s glories. In New Vrindaban she is using Jaya Krsna Das as a puppet who gets slapped all the time as he partners with her nefarious ideas. By the way she married Jaya Krsna Das so that when he dies she can take over his bungalow and his properties in Switzerland. Ouch !

You can see from her facebook profile how she is generally very flashy but in this interview with Giriraja Swami she is appearing as a very saintly woman. But is it right for a woman to interview a sannyasi, use this interview as a mask to hide her misdeeds and become famous. She has completely controlled the GBC response to Venkat’s suicide which we have exposed as a blatant lie. Our GBC Anuttama who is dependent financially on the New Vrindaban and Eco-V boards for grants has completely sold himself out to Gopish, Jaya Krsna and Anuradha for the MONEY and is simply following their directions.

Coming back to Venkat’s death, many are beginning to question how has this death been ruled as suicide without a thorough investigation? How can someone drown in a small lake? If he did commit suicide what was such a compelling reason that although he had so may friends he did not contact anyone? This is the core of the issue, how Anuradha, Jaya Krsna Das and Gopisa shut him down so much that poor Venkat felt this was the end of his world.

The impact of this petition is now being felt by Anuradha Dasi, as the New Vrindaban Village association had a meeting recently, discussing many of the points exposed by us (friends of Venkat) and discussed by the village and there were many who knew this already but the situation became clear that Jay Krsna Das and Anuradha played big role in the whole episode and mishandled Venkats case to such an extent that he committed suicide.

The GBC mainly Anuttama and Malati literally been bought out by Anuradha and company are being used by her to shut everyone down. You can see in the NV-Village Connect post that Malati is trying to simply play the role of a cheap stooge of Anuradha shutting people down. The senior devotees of New Vrindaban have been demanding a transparent management for a long time. Venkat was dear to everyone and they want severe action against the management for mishandling the issue. In order to cover up an advertisement for a new president has been floated, an eye wash which we revealed in our last update. The Village association is demanding a new president who is chosen by the New Vrindaban villagers, who can transform peoples hearts, not just abuse the Dham as a business just like Gopisa and Anuradha are doing right now. Malati is simply denying all the village folks the right to express and demand a proper management and justice for Venkat. Malati is also known to be very racist in her approach towards Indian devotees and always wants them to be treated second class just like Anuradha and Jaya Krsna. Gopisa doesn’t care who is in management as long as he controls he money.


Dear friends,

We were shocked to learn from a donor friend of New Vrindaban that New Vrindaban management sent out a donation request letter for Janmashtami Festival asking for donations for festival which will happen soon in New Vrindaban.

Copy of letter:


Sending out the donation letter is not a big deal but the contents of the letter are something that no one can ignore. The letter is from Jay Krishna Das – who supposedly resigned as the temple president of New Vrindaban still addressing as Temple president on the letter. Another shocking thing is that all the people listed on the letter to contact are the people listed as “Minister of Religion” but rather are engaged in non clergy work that is money making. They are fellow team member of Venkat working in department called Pilgrims department (formerly congregation development department) also known as the money making / fund raising department of New Vrindaban. Shame on these people to call them Minister of Religion who could not even stand for their fellow team member and speak the truth. They are representatives of Dharma but have lost their morality.

Here is a requirement criteria of Minister of Religion from US Department of State website:

To qualify for an immigrant visa as a Minister of Religion (SD-category), you must be entering the United States to work solely as a minister of your religious denomination.

As per the R-1 Nonimmigrant Religious Workers requirement of USCIS listed here:

Ministers are defined as individuals who are duly authorized by the religious denomination to which they belong, and who are fully trained according to the denomination’s standards to conduct religious worship and other duties usually performed by the clergy. The regulations do not define a uniform type of training for religious denominations. When signing the petition, the petitioner must attest that the beneficiary is qualified to perform the proposed duties of the religious occupation to be performed in the United States.

Thus its clearly evident that these devotees who call themselves as Minister of Religion are clearly engaged to raise funds via various schemes of New Vrindaban and they are not working as clergy or minister as defined by the USCIS. This clearly violates the undertaking the temple and them as religious minister took while applying for the R-1 Visa as well as applying for green-card visa special immigrant petition. As per our previous letter, Mr. Rahul Kumar Chavda – a former employee has already complained to the USCIS and challenged New Vrindaban administration that New Vrindaban is actually not engaging the R-1 workers (Religious Workers) to do religious clergy work but they engage them to do non-clergy assignments such as this one (fund raising), cashiers, running businesses and so on. This claim of Mr. Rahul Kumar is solidified by this clearly evident letter and the money schemes offered here.

Money Scheme offering here:


The schemes / donation options mentioned in the letter are absurd as New Vrindaban will never ever ever spend that much money on any items or topics listed in the letter. For eg. Annadan or feast sponsorship: All the community residents know that they (New Vrindaban residents numbering 150-200) will only be served 5-6 standard fasting ekadasi items for the feast and no feast in the world will ever cost $11000. This is a joke !

Second scheme is the famous “mother” scheme of all schemes that is “Lifetime care for a cow” for $6501. Past donors and some members of the New Vrindaban pilgrims department have told us that mostly all the money from the COW scheme is NOT used for cows and its rather used for other purposes which no one knows. This same mega cow scheme is floated during winter months to have continuous money flowing to New Vrindaban while the cows are completely ignored and left to suffer during winter months. We challenge the New Vrindaban administration to show us the balance sheet showing all the money raised on such schemes are actually used for the cows. Jay Krishna will never even come clean.

We are further requesting our readers and donors of New Vrindaban to please think twice before falling for these schemes that benefit only Jay Krishna Das and his gang. All the hard earned money from the Indian donors is used for fighting sham court cases and paying hefty salaries of these people.
We are writing and approaching the USCIS / IRS to conduct a detailed inquiry into the immigration and financial scams that have been taking place in New Vrindaban under leadership of tainted Jay Krishna Das. Our fight continues to demand expulsion of the tainted New Vrindaban administration people who have been exploiting the poor Indian devotees ever since.


History of Jay Krishna’s Appointment in New Vrindaban:

Jaya Krsna Das was brought in to New Vrindaban to bring about a change in management structure and to bring some fresh idea to New Vrindaban as he supposedly was a very successful administrator and business manager in the past for for a multinational company. Jaya Krsna Das had a condition for the ISKCON GBC that he wanted complete complete control of the community and no interference in any matters whether its for hiring or firing and all financial decisions and wanted big money in salary even though the devotees were given stipend to maintain themselves. He wanted to recover his money after all his money went down the drain in Radhadesh. So he focused on commercial aspects of New Vrindaban especially the fund raising. After becoming the community president his focus was to eliminate all the older people from previous management as he expressed that there was a need of change. He constituted and has continued that policy and removed at least one hundred devotees so far in ruthless manner. He has removed them in such a way that their lives are devastated. He touts himself as being the head of the GBC Succession committee far from training people for the next level, New Vrindaban after 8 years under this ruthless shameless money minded materialist in the garb of a devotee does not even have one trained person for the so called “GBC College”. He runs New Vrindaban like a Slave camp of cheap hired Indians and then throws them out like mosquitoes in a cup of tea. He loves doing that. You can see the evilness in this man’s eyes. If you ever get a chance to look at his eyes thoroughly, a man who is so ungrateful definitely has “NO Bhakti ”. He soon found an able ally in Gopisa das who is also equally corrupt and claims to be a powerful conman in New Vrindaban. Gopisa Das has been bagging all the contracts for his business friends in New Vrindaban and Jaya Krsna Das has been helping him get all construction contracts and make money off of them. For Example: There was a wall being repaired for the Palace of gold. The wall and the renovation should not cost more than $100,000 …but they blew up the costs to about $600,000 or more. Imagine how much money they both made in this deal. Furthermore they got commission once a gas deal was signed and have been enjoying the royalty money that New Vrindaban gets in the name of up gradation. Who will let go of so much money ?

Entry of Anuradha, the master deceiver and conwoman:
When Anuradha got married to Jaya Krsna Das (at his age of 64, she was 48) she helped Jaya Krsna further strengthen his grip of New Vrindaban and make tons of more money specially controlling almost all the departments in New Vrindaban. Anyone they saw a potential future for temple president was eliminated. This also included Vrindaban Das (a Bangladeshi national devotee who claims that he is British and was born in the UK, was brought by Jay Krishna from Radhadesh, Belgium) who was touted as the Future Temple President material later to be dumped by JK. So much for his succession program. His succession looks to be his crazy and murder-accused wife who wants to enjoy controlling everything from the back.

So called fall of Gopisa:
In addition, shameless Gopisa has been acting as an alibi for all Jaya Krsnas plans. Couple of years ago when Jaya Krsna Das resigned he told everyone that he was done with Gopisa and would never work with him as he misused New Vrindaban’s money. Everyone thought Jaya Krsna Das has done a great job by eliminating Gopisa but little did everyone know this was a scheme devised by Anuradha to fool the community and the New Vrindaban Village association into thinking that Jaya Krsna and Gopisa are no longer together. But instead they secretly worked to eliminate the three directors who were recently appointed in the place of Jaya Krsna Das and their only goal was to show them as failures, which they were able to convince the New Vrindaban Village association.

Game of mismanagement is evident again:
Madri Dasi (from Ireland) is on a religious visa R-1 and so is Madhava Kanti (Venkat’s wife). Being on a religious visa they are supposed to be priests but they are employed as accountants in New Vrindaban. Jaya Krsna Das only keeps such people who are his closest so that they can manipulate the accounts. When the previous directors were present they had presented the board and formulated that they will no longer let this happen and worked to eliminate all these rules which violated US immigration. They also cancelled the green card filing of one elderly lady devotee Mangala from Mauritius in the name of Visa violation after manipulating and assuring her. In this way they created such fear among the New Vrindaban staff and then later fired the directors deeming them as failures who brought pain and suffering in the community. As soon as the previous directors were removed, Jaya Krsna Came back from the back door as president again and eased those restrictions which violated the visa norms and did whatever suited best to them. Madri who is on R1 Visa is currently managing 3-4 departments (she has no experience in finance), so is Madhava Kanti Dasi as accountant (Who is now on Green Card because she married Venkat), was on R1 when she was employed in Govinda’s Restaurant.

Current devotees in the Money Making departments:
In our last update we also exposed the New Vrindaban Money scam where Religious workers from India are hired just to fool the Indians and get money in the name of deities and Cows. Many readers wrote to us and wanted us to decode the background of these devotees and thus we decided to give some information into all the devotees working in the department. They are:

1. Subhananda Das who wears saffron is hardly interested in preaching and cultivating. Jaya Krsna Das has only trained him to target Indians and looking at his saffron cloth people donate so much money. You will find him in front of the temple doors hustling money from people even before you enter the temple and take darshan of the Lord. So the saffron cloth is being used not for preaching but like a mask to loot money from innocent and naive visitors. He knows very clearly that this money does not go to any intended purpose that is neither for cows nor the deities, it goes straight to the pocket of these corrupt individuals like Gopisa, Anuradha and Jaya Krsna, yet Subhananda willing does it in the name of devotion basically for his green card which is pending past few years. This is a violation of the visa under which he is in and he should be tried in immigration proceedings and immediately deported for such gross violation of visa.

2.Amita Das (Banka Raya) – is another fundraiser and blue eyed boy of JK and Anuradha who is also on a religious visa but all he does is cons the Nepalis who come to New Vrindaban. There is zero preaching or cultivation. He knows everything that happened to Venkat but Anuradha has threatened and shut him down. This same Amita Das was accused and was caught having an affair with another married girl (woman) but was protected and covered up as he was in the good books of Jay Krishna and Anuradha. Amita was asked to go and get married and bring his wife to eyewash and distract people’s attention in the matter.

3. Srirupa Das (Sampath Kumar Sethupathi) – He is one of the top hustlers of the department. He is most favored by JK and Anuradha as he works in very secretive matters. He is also a local detective for for JK gang even though he shows that he doesn’t like JK. He has been a congregation department head in waiting for many years as he has not much educational background. He is also called JK and Anuradha’s troubleshooter and ready to jump the ranks for them if needed. He is one of crucial people who has insights of the whole Venkat suicide epoisode but remains mum and he was threatened to keep him mouth shut or face the music by JK & co. If Police confronts and assures him protection, he might open many secrets which will solve this whole puzzle and mystery of Venkat’s suicide.

4. Nikunjaras & Shyamrasika Dasi (Shinde Couple) – Perhaps the crown jewel of Anuradha’s management is Nikunjaras Das and Shyamarasika Dasi who will go to any lengths to coerce people to make a donation and get the financial lifeline going. They both run a so called chanting group but their ultimate goal is to make a show of this Harinam and rip off money from the “Potential Donors”. So much for preaching. Check out their Facebook profile and you will see that they travel different places all over the USA and “WILL NEVER” encourage a DONOR to visit the local ISKCON temple in their area but simply ask to donate to New Vrindaban. So basically it’s all about money and nothing else. Nikunjaras had not given up on his coffee drinking habit till now and loves to sip a few cups of coffee to get him up and running. Is this the Bhakti we need ? Fake Bhakti in the name of Donation?

5. Lakshmaneshwara Das (Laxman Poddar) – Even Though he doesn’t work for the Pilgrim Department, he runs the Gift shop. Another henchman and stooge of JK & Anuradha who has a shady past and background. He was involved in many financial scams in Vrindavan India where he made a fortune. He is a Bangadeshi national who entered the US on a Indian passport and has been waiting for his green card for many years. Apparently he is now aspiring for Sannayasa and has all the support of JK & gang.

6. Madri Dasi – This Irish origin woman is working as department head of many departments but no religious activity for what she was brought in New Vrindaban for. He is rude, ruthless and very racist in nature. She is a spy numero uno and very close confidant of Anuradha. She was one the people who was involved in firing many devotees in the past until the 3 directors fired her. She regained her power when Jay Krishna came back to power and continues to harass and threaten devotees till date.

7. Madhavakanti Dasi (Laura Gonzalez) – We are doing a fullfledged research on her background and she requires one whole separate post to reveal her true identity. We will post this article soon.

Venkat after having married the wrong person tried his best to become a sincere priest and served Narasimhadev with all sincerity. But Gopisa, Anuradha, Jaya Krsna & gang were not interested in any succession, training or his future interests. This is the case with all people including Jaya Krsna Das as his own son and wife who committed suicide were revealed of his true nature and who were eliminated by him indirectly. This con man and a sexual pervert is a very dangerous leader not only for New Vrindaban but the entire mankind who is in disguise of a devotee. One who doesn’t mind ruthlessly eliminating people, one who will use strong arm threatening tactics to eliminate people can really bring about any succession or and any peace to New Vrindaban. He can only bring about destruction and along with Gopisa and Anuradha, he brought that about for Venkat. His death should not go in vain.

All these visa violations and this money violations, and manipulative tactics culminating in the death of Venkat are being reported to the concerned authorities and we need your help and support.Dear friends lets not stop till these shameless, heartless people Gopisa, Jaya Krsna and Anuradha are eliminated from the root for the betterment of the community.


Dear Friends of Venkat,

Sorry for updating late as we are performing more research into Venkat’s mysterious death. Many voices and revelations are now emerging as if it was a murder or a suicide?

Few points gathered from the reader replies and comments sent to us:

Point 1: Many friends of Venkat have written to us saying, How can someone drown in such a shallow lake? Anyone who knows even a bit how to float cannot drown in the lake. No one has drowned in the New Vrindaban lake at least in recent history. Many a times the swan boat has stopped and devotees have been swimming to pull the swan boat across the lake, no one reported any difficulty.

Point 2 : Talking about swimming in the lake, Venkat is a strong person, he is not weak. Anyone who can throw his arms and legs can easily come out of that water. Why was Anuradha (Jaya Krsna Dasa’s wife and the main conspirator) eager to declare it an accidental drowning?

When they knew for several days this so-called investigation was going on, how can the death be accidental. THE REAL POINT IS ANURADHA AND JAYA KRSNA knew that this was NOT accidental… So they used all their Iskcon contacts to post that this was an accidental drowning. Look at all major Facebook releases…and it became evident from the replies people got when they tried to complain to the GBC. They used Malati, Anuttama and Rukmini (Anuttama’s wife) as major faces to spread these lies.

POINT 3 : Letter from Venkat’s wife…. Why was a letter from Venkat’s wife supporting the theory of “Drowning used” when she knew something was wrong. As per Anuttama’s letter , the investigation and counseling had been going on for several days. It’s pretty clear that she knew everything and therefore had something to hide. Well It’s Anuradha’s planned attack in the name of drowning.

At this point when the DROWNING theory was being spread….. the divers found the body of Venkat…

POINT 4: Why NO ONE WAS allowed to see when Venkat’s body was being pulled from the lake. Only the major conspirators namely the heartless, shameless, ruthless and racist Jaya Krsna Das, Conman Gopisa and their comrades in arms, a blind Anuradha supporter Malati Dasi were present and saw the body being fished out. No one else was allowed to go close. WHY WHY WHY ?????? Why was Gopisa threatening the devotees when they were trying to watch the incident from far? What were they trying to hide?

POINT 5 : Why did it take so long for the postmortem to be done? Was there something to hide? Why was the body kept for so long? What was the dealing going on? Is the POLICE investigation complete?

POINT 6: Once they found the suicide note “Why were vague words used? ” instead of Suicide why?, To keep the pedal cool till people forget… Can they post the suicide note to the public?

POINT 7: Why did they use Madhava Kanti aka Laura Gonzalez and not Kommanmanchi (Venkat’s wife) name as Laura “Kommanamanchi” when in the death certificate she used her name as “Laura Gonzalez”, IS Kommanchi name, a name used just for convenience to fool the public and gather public sympathy.Truth is that Laura aka Madhava Kanti never changed her name after her marriage and just used Venkat’s name to gain popularity and sympathy votes. The main co-conspirator in the episode is Laura Gonzalez (Madhava Kanti Devi Dasi) along with shameless wife of Jaya Krsna Das, i.e you know every well by now, the three time divorcee and murder accused ruthless Anuradha Dasi.

Point 8 : If you view the pictures of Venkat’s dead body there are marks of blood on his nose and around there. Were these signs of struggle? There are no marks or scratches on his head as he was found under the boat house. If he had really struggled to save himself, he would have definitely tried to save himself. Why was he bleeding in the nose?

As far as our information based on the inputs from the devotees goes, Venkats wife used to beat him up. Laura’s sister’s (Anangamanjari) husband who is also known to be a bit mentally off also assisted Laura in beating up Venkat the night he died. To what extent did they beat him up, whether they killed him and then threw him into the water or did he jump to his death is a mystery. The police should investigate this in every aspect.

Point 9: If this whole investigation was going on, why was sufficient precaution not taken so as to reassure the devotee and to ensure that he was actually counseled. The truth is friends Jaya Krsna, Auradha were out to get him. Just like demons like to hunt their prey wildly before it dies, these animals like human beings prey on Venkat. Anuradha turned an already troubled relationship between Venkat and his wife to a worse one. She doesn’t mind anyone getting killed or ruthlessly murdered especially if he/she is famous and rivals her and her shameless husband.

Point 10: Why were the contents of the s called suicide note hidden? Why? Why would someone glorify a demon before he recklessly jumps to his death. Only a sharp witch like mind of Anuradha could do this shameless act of turning a dying man’s letter into a glorification for her shameless husband. What if Jay Krishna and Anuradha asked Venkat to write a nice and sugary letter after kicking him out of temple as a support so that he (Jay Krishna) won’t get a blame if something really happens to Venkat? We were told there are CCTV cameras around the temple offices, did someone actually check the camera footage to see when Venkat last visited his office? Who were the people who accessed his office after Venkat departed?

Point 11 : Why was there such a drama made out of his final rites? When they did not even find it important to investigate the cause of his death. Why did Jaya Krsna who could not even counsel the poor guy perform his final rights? When Jay Krsna is known to have even killed his own wife and son (forced them to commit suicide) and then going around telling people that “I am divine and special”.

Point 12: One of the inputs that we received from devotees in New Vrindaban is that a woman who was in-charge of Human Resources dept living close to the lake in apartments, heard a loud thumping sound in the lake as if someone threw something in the lake around 11pm in the night and all the peacocks went crazy screaming and bowling.

We demand an answer, a well knit conspiracy to hide the truth and all these culprits. We are also shocked that Anuttama is helping them every bit to escape the real punishment in trying to save them from this heinous crime, Anuttama Dasa will also meet his gory end as Karma hits everyone. Anuttama’s only argument is that, Indian lives are cheap, Anuradha and Jaya Krsna are valuable to us because Indians give us money because of Jaya Krsna’s master strategy and Jay Krishna is a very important ass(et) for ISKCON.

They did not pay a penny to Venkat’s family. When Venkat’s body was being cremated, Venkat’s old parents were simply watching the phone, kissing the phone and crying. One of our teammates stood near Venkat’s parents trying to console them but they won’t stop crying. It was such a heartbreaking situation and it will take them hours, weeks, or even a lifetime to recover from this shock.

It is so heart wrenching to see dreaded criminals like Jaya Krsna, his wife Anuradha, roaming freely without any remorse. Venkat’s wife has been wearing full makeup and has no sadness or remorse and has been enjoying Venkat’s hard earned money and her new green card. People are informing us that she is simply shamelessly dressing up beautifully and going around without any remorse.


Dear friends,

Recently we all saw an email being circulated by Lokanatha Swami thanking Sri Vijay Reddy Garu (Vijay Keshava Das) living in Texas for helping Venkatachalapati’s parents financially. It was indeed a very significant seva to help needy parents of a poor devotee. Venkatachalapati was the only son and his parents were dependent on his income. We would like to wholeheartedly thank all the donors who donated to Sri Vijay Reddy garu’s fundraiser on GoFundMe Campaign. It’s an amazing feat showing how much people cared for Venkatchalpati that they helped his poor parents after he was gone from this world. Our friends showed the letter and read out the same to Venkat’s parents and they cried profusely and thanked everyone for helping them.

At the same time we investigated New Vrindaban’s contribution to the fund and we learned that it was nil. Jay Krishna and Anuradha are pure demons, although the Eco-V and ISKCON New Vrinaban’s bank is filled up to the brim they didn’t contribute even one penny to Venkatachalapati. They were eager to make a fake show of his last rights especially Gopisa, who always puts up a nice show of Naransiha arati screaming. It’s like Srila Prabhupada said when materialists chant Hare Krishna as a performance their mantra is heard as “Give me money, Give me money”. That’s what they are, simply make shows for name fame and money.

Venkatachapati’s parents have been duped neck and crop. Anuradha who reportedly said to someone in the New Vrindaban village meeting “Hey guys, We have to move on, Venkat is dead ” was eager to report the Go Fund Me Fundraising. She and Venkat’s wife Madhavakanti tried to stop the fundraiser and tried to claim that the money belonged to her and she should be the beneficiary and not the parents, however the organizers were smart enough to know that if the temple got those funds Jay Krishna and Gopisa would eat it up like chocolate. All of Venkat’s savings money went to his wife who is busy on a shopping spree after Venkat is gone. It’s very difficult to understand how a woman can have no remorse on her husband’s death and simply decked up all the time shopping with his money. Reportedly Venkat had more than $45,000 in the bank which all the money went to his wife and NOTHING went to his parents. The organizers of the go-fund me came to know of this game by Jay Krishna and just handed over all the funds to his parents by doing a fixed deposit in their account so that the parents benefit.

On the other hand, Jay Krishna and his wife were in touch with Venkats family and promised then that New Vrindaban would help them financially but later backed out to give even a dime to the parents knowing that more than $54K was collected for the parents. They were furious as they felt that the money that was collected was New Vrindaban’s money as it was from supporters of New Vrindaban. Only a shameless person would have that kind of crazy mentality.

Anuradha’s dirty game might give her a new house in New Vrindaban, but it will never give them peaceful sleep. The New Vrindaban board has reportedly sold prime piece of land to Jay Krishna and Anuradha located adjacent to Rupanuga Das’s property across from Nityodita and Radha’s house at a throw away price and reportedly Gopisa the conman is the one who sanctioned it and made it happen. That piece of land was supposed to be bought by Vrindavan Das & Namakirti Dasi at the regular market price but later they were told that the price of the said land is thrice or four times more than what they were supposed to buy it for. Apparently Gopisa got his friends to appraise the piece of land to premium rate so that Vrindavan can’t buy it and then reportedly sold that piece of land for much lesser price to Jay Krishna and Anuradha then what it was offered to Vrindavan Das. These facts were verified by the residents of New Vrindaban community who wrote to us to let us know about the whole matter. What a abuse of power !

Those who didn’t help Venkat’s crying parents and who are hanging onto power to eat off all public money at such an old age are building a palatial house in New Vrindaban. Swami Kirtananda also built one, Rest is history.


Dear Friends,

We obtained some very sensitive information on the suicide note. Here are the following points to note 1. The suicide note was used as a tool to defend Jay Krishna 2. It was hidden from public view and given to Laura (Venkat’s wife) basically Anuradha took it. If Police raided their houses the truth will be out.

Here’s what we have learnt from our inside sources. Jay Krishna with his wife Anuradha (an employee of New Vrindaban controlling everything within) teamed up with Venkat’s wife, the meeting was held one week before Venkat’s forced suicide. Anuradha was worried her and husbands popularity was being diminished by Venkats puja’s. They convinced Laura that Jay Krishna and Anuradha would help her as long as she did two things, 1. Get rid of Venkat and 2. help manipulate the accounts. Jay Krishna is known to get ruthlessly angry and laugh at his opponents when he has the upper hand. Jay Krishna was abused severely by his father when he was young , psychologically such people are ruthless when they grow up (as we know now Jay Krishna is fully mentally autistic ) masquerading as a leader. Jay Krishna and Anuradha convinced Laura that Gopish is with them to manipulate the police and the local government. Laura was asked to mentally harass Venkat, ruthlessly at home. Just look at the pic of his face when his body was cremated, it had blood. (Please note: on the day of last rites several donors and devotees i.e who watched the broadcast and visited also wrote to us saying he had blood under his nose). This was the sign of his wife beating him repeatedly under the direction of the great artist and employee drawing a huge salary (+ shameless tips ) i.e Anuradha.

3 Days before suicide Jay Krishna invited Venkat to the meeting, Anuradha and Gopish were there. He was asked to leave his job, leave New Vrindaban and before leaving write a note , (Jay Krishna, Anuradha and Gopish wanted to cover themselves). He was very reluctant, Venkat said why should i do this . Gopish ate tons and tons of money in the name of the palace wall and Jay Krishna and Anuradha have manipulated the accounted managed by his own wife Laura Gonzalez aka Madhava Kanti, Venkat knew all this, he said why target me. Jay Krishna laughed and said “You became too famous for your own good. Now get ready to leave”. As all New Vrindaban residents knew Venkat loved New Vrindaban devotees. He was famous among New Vrinaban devotees so much that Anuradha felt he was a danger for her and her autistic and mentally incapacitated husband.

One day before the suicide he was called again by Jay Krishna and Gopish.. Anuradha was at the back, this time it was time for the great wolves , rather dogs of New Vrindaban to bark. Jay Krishna barked, scaring Venkat, “if you do not write the note and leave we will hand you over to the Poilce” (which was a false threat, the great dumbhead Anuttama wrote a lie saying police report was made) , Venkat shocked wrote a fake letter saying, “I have failed, I request Jay Krishna to take care of my wife” as he was forced to write under Jay Krishna and Anuradhas pressure. Basically they wanted Venkat to leave New Vrindaban and then send an email to all abusing his past. Venkat understood the demoniac nature of Jay Krishna could not take the unbearable insult that was about to come. Anuradha likes doing this because she went through this several times. However she is perfectly shameless and she married another shameless Jay Krishna and masquerading as spiritual leaders today.

How was the note used : Here is how Jay Krishna and Anuradha used the note. First they tried to show the death as accidental. When people questioned this, immediately a pawn was used and a drama was done saying “we found the note”. Interestingly it was handed over to his wife and no one else who was also complicit in this. A few who saw this before it was handed over know it was written forcible.” Two employees of the pilgrim care department also saw and mentioned this to some others and one Prabhuapada disciple who investigated this whole thing, got us all the info.

On the other hand many Srila Prabhupada disciples have written to us saying that they are now fully aware of Anuradhas dark past, Jay Krishna forced his wife and son to commit suicide. Many Srila Prabhupada disciples and community members also mentioned how the mentality of this brutal couple has led to the exodus of many young devotees from New Vrindaban. More than 108 devotees have left, and the latest one being the family of a devotee who was in human resources (Beverly Nava), she has left the crook team and moved out of New Vrindaban. Now Venkat’s wife is in-charge for Human Resource and Accounting without any qualification. This is the reward she got from Jay Krishna for being a stooge.

One Srila Prabhupada disciple wrote to us saying that Malati Devi Dasi completely disagreed with the lies written by Anuttama (Letter was drafted by Anuradha). Many others have written to us shocked with the scale of manipulation. No one wants their names revealed as they are working intensely to ward off this evil energy called Anuradha. One Prabhupada disciple who knows Anuradha from the past called her she has all the symptoms of a rakshasi and has alienated quite a few people and performs black magic too.

Jay Krishna is only showing the money card with his LIAR (so called pilgrim care) department who do not mind continuing the New Vrindban legacy of lies and manipulation for fund raising (which we have exposed earlier) and will never stand up for justice. Just begging in the name of cows, Shame on these people. Just look at their level of spiritual knowledge , all show bottle. Jay Krishna and Anuradha have been telling their dumb team of Nikunja Ras, Shyamaraiska, Lakshman, Srirupa, Subhanand and Banka Raya that whoever they want will only lose visas and green cards. No one else As long as they bring money they are safe, show a fake image of happy New Vrindaban on facebook and then beg money. Eg: Mangala was deported as Anuradha did not like her and reported her move to Washington DC ISKCON temple to the USCIS to spoil the tenure of the previous directors and have a devotee outcry against the previous establishment. As long as these employees lick Anuradhas boots like Lakshman and Nikunja Ras they are safe. Little do they know with these green cards and money manipulations they are going straight to hell.

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