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ISKCON: The Washed-out Cult


ISKCON’s biggest problem is that the standards have been compromised.
If you know anything about religion, it’s that you should never compromise on the original philosophy, rules and regulations.
The moment someone starts to compromise – and this usually begins at the top of the hierarchy – the religion is doomed.

Religion isn’t compulsory. Religion isn’t mandatory.
So why compromise?
Establish the philosophy and the standards, and then proceed from there.
This is the same problem that the Christians had. God had established his rules in very beginning of the Bible, in the Old Testament.
But as the 12 disciples went out and preached, people didn’t like what the Old Testament had to say. And so the New Testament was made, with details beginning with the birth of Jesus.

I’m not even going to go deep into Christianity right now. I just read an article about German nuns selling orphaned children to predators and that’s haunting my mind.

If you don’t like the rules of a certain religion, then don’t attempt to compromise them. Leave.

In ISKCON, the compromise of standards began at the top, with the leading GBC members and influential sannyasis.
Naturally, when the rest of the members in the organizaion saw what was happening, they also started acting wild and loose.
ISKCON has already gone through several generations of members over the past few decades.

The first generation that began all the compromise were the sannyasis initiated by Srila Prabhupada.
These are the men who advocated for intensive preaching and book distribution tactics. These are the men who pushed for excessively disturbing behavior by book distribution teams at the airports and on the streets.
These are the men who treated devotees like a bunch of cash cows and mules. These are the people who approved beating of women by their husbands to keep ’em in check. These are the people who molested children, abused them and caused their suicides. These are the people who thought it was okay for a sannyasi to wear karmi clothes if they were “doing it for Krishna”, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. These are the men who watched porn, took drugs, had sex with their female disciples and had bank accounts with money in their name. These are the men who gave the Hare Krishnas their reputation.

So if you see some new devotee doing something wrong in the temple, don’t blame him. He’s just the product of a compromised tradition that deteriorated with each generation.

Who are the Hare Krishna’s today? What do they look like? What are their values? What are their activities?

The Hare Krishna devotees today have long hair, lots of bling blings, they have tattoos, they are dressed in regular karmi clothes, probably do not chant their rounds, have premarital sex and extramarital affairs, watch porn, and are probably engaged in some sort of illegal stuff.
These are the same devotees who have an initiated name and probably wouldn’t want to be identified as Hare Krishna members at school or work.

If you read Srila Prabhupada’s books, you would realize just how strict and uncompromising he was.
Have these people read any of Srila Prabhupada’s books? I often wondered.
But then I remembered that Hrdayananda Goswami wore shirts and shorts. I also remember that he pioneered the Krishna West movement – which is like the hippie version of the Hare Krishnas, with fewer rules and zero accountability. His fellow sannyasis Candramukha Swami and Dhanvantari Swami also appeared to be dressed in karmi clothes inside a temple.
I also remember Radhanatha Swami’s eco village, complete propaganda videos of butt-raising yoginis accompanied by Radhanatha Baba’s mundane philosophy.
I also remember that Radhanatha baba ordered a hitman to kill a whistleblower, then made arrangements for that hitman to be awarded Sannyasa in prison.
I distinctly remember Kirtanananda Swami creating a Jesus cult in New Vrndavana, molesting lots of kids, going to prison, and getting a samadhi in Vrndavana, where fellow sannyasis paid full obeisances to his samadhi.
I remember Bhakti Bhrnga Govinda Swami owning a luxurious apartment in Mayapur, and advertising similar homes for free. I also remember Sivarama Swami, Subhag Swami and Bhakti Caitanya Swami owning similar apartments.
Then I remember Bhanu Swami, ISKCON’s masculine bodybuilder sannyasi. I’m afraid further comments might induce roid rage and it’s hard to imagine what that might result in, combined with his sannyasi status.
I remember Bir Krishna Goswami, who enjoys a good game of volleyball with his disciples. Hrdayananda Goswami enjoyed playing ping pong with his female disciples, and golf when he is alone. Indradyumna Swami, on the other hand, enjoys playing tennis.
I remember Sivarama Swami enjoying some piano music while chanting his rounds.
Then I remember Bhakti Ananta Krishna Goswami who was flirting with a young damsel on WhatsApp and checking out her beauty.
But hey! At least these gurus didn’t molest gurukuli boys or order someone’s death, right? Right.

These gurus directly disobeyed Srila Prabhupada’s rules and regulations. That’s the problem.
Bhakti Marga Swami initiated a gay couple in Toronto, naming them Rupa Goswami das and Sanata Goswami das. These devotees were seen performing abhisheka in the altar.
Meanwhile Nrsimha Kavaca Dasa, ISKCON’S Diety worship minister, appointed a gay pujari, Dhruva das, in Australia.
Giridhari das, disciple of Hridayananda das Goswami wrote an article advertising masturbation, sex toys and pornography.
Gundica Dasa, ISKCON Barcelona’s temple president was caught watching porn and visiting prostitutes.
I’m not against gay people or porn-lovers or prostitution. Hey, if you enjoy that kind of stuff, that’s fine by me. But I’m talking about the ISKCON organization that Srila Prabhupada founded. I’ve read Srila Prabhupada’s books and letters. I’ve listened to his conversations with his disciples and his lectures. One thing that I can guarantee is that he didn’t approve of these things at all. In fact, he was very much against it. He spoke very vehemently against these issues.
This article is based on Srila Prabhupada’s teachings and philosophy.
That’s why I spent my time listing all the issues with the gurus in ISKCON. Do you think I care if some old man plays tennis in his free time? Hell no! But this man is one of the leaders of a religious institution. He’s breaking the rules that were made by his spiritual master. Now if he’s breaking the rules, how’s he supposed to correct anyone else?
How is he supposed to tell ’em what to do? And why would anyone listen to him? He’s no better than them! Who made him the boss? Who assigned him the worship status? Who said he’s as good as God and should be treated as such?

ISKCON Sao Paolo decided to showcase vegan hamburger, whatever that’s supposed to mean.
A lot of Krishna feasts no longer serve the traditional prasadam that Srila Prabhupada had pioneered in the early days.
And there’s a lot of other nonsense going on.
Several ISKCON temples now hold yoga classes by default.
Why? Because nobody is interested in Krsna Consciousness. People want to be fit, eat healthy and live their lives. They don’t care about going back to Godhead. Nobody does. Even the GBC and all it’s gurus don’t care about Krsna. They care about running the organization PROFITABLY. That’s what matters. It’s all about the money.
And to make money, you need Indians – Indian management, Indian congregation, Indian money-making tactics. That’s why so many temples even in the West are run by Indians.

Religion has always been a lucrative business in India. And in order for ISKCON to survive, they needed to incorporate these Indians in all their temples, so they could keep bringing in money.

Yesterday I talked about how ISKCON is a dying cult, bleeding out. I mentioned that new members did not receive proper training, while the old ones were forced to leave the organization. This created a vaccuum for talent and skills.
Today I’m going to talk about the gurukula.
ISKCON has run gurukulas in various centers for several decades. And what’s the product?
Garbage in, garbage out.
When the organization runs an academic center full of child abuse and all sorts of nasty stuff, you don’t expect the children to grow up to be ideal Vaisnavas.
Very few gurukuli graduates are still in ISKCON. And they are far from ideal. But can you blame them?

I’ve mainly talked about the compromise at the top; where the leaders, the cream of the organization are. And if you look into the history of these people, you start to understand why the rest of the followers aren’t doing so well.

Srila Prabhupada used to say that the guru is as good as God. The guru must be worshipped and offered respect in the same way as God.
Well, my question is, are these men as good as God?
If Srila Prabhupada was still here, would he confirm that they were as good as God? Would he approve of their activities as gurus?

You can’t criticize the small man when the leaders are full of faults. I haven’t mentioned most of the initiated devotees or their questionable activities because the gurus at the top of the organization, aren’t in good moral standing either.

What’s the future of ISKCON? There is no future.
The organization will try and hide the despicable actions of their leaders whilst simultaneously demeaning the neophytes.
And the thing is, ISKCON isn’t trying to stop the compromises or hide them anymore. They’ve given up trying to follow Srila Prabhupada. They’ve raised their hands in surrender and said, f’ it! Everybody does whatever they want except speaking out against us!
This is a desperate move to try and save the movement, but it will fail big time.
You can’t expect serious people to join this organization or stick around for much longer. When people see all the crap that’s happening, they’ll leave as quickly as they came. And those who stick around are probably the scum of the cult, feeling right at home with all the nonsense.

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